Treasurer for Merrimack County Republicans

I have been serving as the Treasurer for the Merrimack County Republican Committee since September of 2017.

In my last 15 years at BAE Systems before retiring, I was an Executive Engineering Manager. I was responsible for multiple Engineering Departments with several hundred personnel and with annual budgets exceeding $10 Million. I also managed huge capital equipment budgets for the F-22 and the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) programs that exceeded $250 Million.

Volunteer Consultant for Small Businesses

Having 35 years of Engineering and Operations Management experience at companies like Honeywell, Wang Labs, Cal-Comp, Sanders Associates, Lockheed-Martin, and BAE Systems, I now apply my knowledge and skills as a volunteer helping small businesses.

Currently I am a Board member of the Gilmanton Winery. In this capacity I have assisted the winery with Financial, Processes, and Quality Control analysis. I enjoy working with this small local business, to help it grow and to create quality jobs in NH.

Support Town Events and Interest

From 2016-2022 I was a Director on the Clough Pond Association Board, I  worked with the team and other town volunteers to clean and renovate Clough Pond's beach in the summer of 2017. We also ensure that the pond continues to be one of the cleanest and weed free water bodies in all of NH. Each year I run a Pig Roast for all of the Clough Pond Association Members and friends of the association.

I have been a financial sponsor for Loudon Old Home Day for the past four years.


I Love NH and want to keep it the greatest State in the nation".

"I made my living in NH. Was Blessed to be able to retire at age 55. Now it is time to give back to my community and State. I want to restore  traditional NH values and pride to this great State. And help make it the best place to live and work in the country".

"My focus will be on creating the best environment for our towns small businesses to thrive and grow. I believe that with a strong economy and low unemployment many of our social issues go away or are diminished".


Good steward of the land:

"I love the outdoors and spend a lot of time in the NH woods and ponds in Canterbury and Loudon. I will support legislation that will protect our beautiful NH landscape, lakes and ponds".

"I have an "All of the above" energy policy belief. But, I will be very careful to weigh any legislation that would be more detrimental to our environment than beneficial to my constituents".

"I was proud to be serving on the Science, Technology & Energy Committee 2021-2022. This gave me the opportunity to pass legislation that supports my beliefs stated above".

I am now on the Finance Committee, and recently passed legislation on "trash to energy", "cyanobacteria blooms" and "water quality" in NH.



THANK YOU FOR your support:


Republican Primary: Tuesday September 8, 2020.

General Election: Tuesday November 3, 2020.

Thank you to all that came out to vote in Loudon and Canterbury in 2020 Primary and the November 3, 2020 General elelection. I recieved 60.1% more votes in this election than I did in the 2018 General Election. (637 votes in Canterbury & 1,881 votes in Loudon), and am now your new NH State Representative.

Thank you again for your vote and support these past 2 years.        -Jose'-