Here are some of the questions my campaign has answered recently:

Now that you are elected, what committee will you serve on?

As a "freshmen" representative, you usually do not get your first pick, but I was asked to serve on my preferred Committee ST&E for 2021-2022. In my second term I was promoted to the coveted Finance Committee.

  1. Science Technology & Energy Committee - 2021-2022
  2. Finance Committee - 2023-2024

How can I help?

Vote, Tell your friends, neighbors, and family to vote in the September 10, 2024 Republican Primary, and the November 12, 2024 General Election. Host a yard sign on your property. Hold up a candidate sign on election days. Make a small donation to fund brochures and yard signs.

Will you have an election fund that we can contribute to for campaign support?

Yes! It has been set up with TD Bank. I am the Finance Chair (Treasurer) and will be managing and reporting on the account. Please make checks out to: JOSE' FOR NH STATE REP.

Mail to: 83 Berry Road, Loudon, NH. 03307

The next Republican Primary will take place on a Tuesday September 10, 2024. And the General Election will be on a Tuesday in November 12, 2024.

I have officially announced that I will be running for the NH House again in 2024.