Fahim Fazli - Hollywood, CA

Kerry French - Concord, NH

David Montane - Alva, FL

Napolean Dynamite - Hollywood, CA

Napolean & Pedro

Laurie Davis - Tampa, FL

Steve Ethier - Merrimack, NH

in Antigua

Kelly Kinhan - Concord, NH

Becky Kinhan - Concord, NH

Buzzy Basch - Concord, NH

Kathy Mathis - Boscawen, NH

In Florida

Chuck Douglas - Concord, NH

In Florida

Bill King - Nashua, NH

& "Gideon"

Calvin Purnell - Oakland, MI

Pete Ingraham - Orlando, FL

Manuel Cambrils -

Brighton, MA

My "Papi"

Marianna Ingraham - Orlando, FL

Mike Dangel - Merrimack, NH

With Grand-Daughters

Bob & Alex Wagaman

Palm Coast, FL

In New Hampshire

Jean Ingram - Beaumont, TX

"Uncle Jean"

Blake Fowler

Nashua, NH

Manny Cambrils -

Pelham, NH

w/ Grand-Daughter


Emily & Sophie

Chelmsford, U.K.

Toby Titus - Pittsfield, NH

"Cat Nephew"

Jim Ingraham -

Santa Barbara, CA

Kathleen LaBonte

Henniker, NH

& Pig

Kerry Moody

Taipei, Taiwan

in NH

Hon. Mike Moffett

Loudon, NH

w/ Lisa Freeman

David Drake - Loudon, NH

John Titus - Sanford, ME

Terry Surrey -

Chelmsford, England

Elisabeth Pokorny -

Chelmsford, MA

Jerry Charlwood

Belmont, NH

Supporters of the campaign:

"VOTE FOR JOSE" - T-Shirts

Friends of the campaign from California, Michigan, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire. Thanks guys for showing your love and support. -Jose'-

Canterbury Doe

Cow Moose



6-Point Buck!!

Hello Deer.....

Steve Hayes (FOX NEWS), Kathleen, & Jose'

Monster Buck !!!

My beautiful wife, Allison

Hawk in Flight

The Gang at Rochester Opera House.

My parents with Allison


Mike, Jose',

Laurie, & Andy

Baby Coco

4th of July

Pig Roast

2nd Annual

Clough Pond

Pig Roast

NH Governor

Chris Sununu

Grape Harvest

Gilmanton Winery


Steve Negron

Congress Candidate


Sununu Sr.

2018 Veritas Award

Chuck Douglas

Jonah Goldberg


Jose' with

NJ Gov. Christie

Jose' with

General Bolduc

Pearl Farm 8/29/19

Jose' with:

NH Gov. Sununu

With U.S. Senate


General Don Bolduc

NH GOP National


Faith Rally 2020

Eggshell Ads

At Loudon Dump

Victory 2020

Pictures from the 2018 & 2020 campaigns:

On the trail in Canterbury & Loudon:

Thank you to all of my friends, neighbors, and family that helped out on the 2020 victory campaign. And especially to those that voted for me and those that donated to: Jose For NH State Rep.

I hope you will enjoy the beautiful wildlife pictures captured on trail camera's on our land in Canterbury and Loudon, NH. and campaign events.

God Bless, - Jose'