If you have any questions about my platform or where I stand on certain issues, or would like to help out with a small donation, Please contact me using information below. - Jose'

The campaign has established an election donation account with TD bank. Jose' Cambrils will be the Fiscal Agent / Treasurer that manages the account. Please make out Donation Checks to: JOSE' FOR NH STATE REP.  Any amount will help greatly. Thanks -Jose'-

Mail all donation checks to the address below. THANK YOU.

Please host an election yard sign if you can. Contact me at address below. Thank you.

Please check out my new Campaign Video, created by Hollywood actor Fahim Fazli at: YouTube: Jose Cambrils

Please check out my 603 Alliance speech at their 2019 "Liberty Trumps Socialism" Annual Summit. It can be seen at YouTube titled: (Jose' Cambrils: Naturalized Citizen).

Check out my Podcast with New Hampshire Divide at: https//anchor.fm/kathy-rago/episodes/candidate-Jose-Cambrils-efjtn1

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