List of 2020 Donors to: Jose' For NH State Rep.

  1. Cambrils Family $190.00
  2. Christine Cambrils $250.00
  3. Jimmy Ingraham $50.00

Thank you so much to those who have contributed to the campaign. Please know that 100% of all donations will be used to purchase Election yard signs, brochures and advertisement. God Bless, Jose'

NEWS 2/23/2018: Campaign purchases Domain Name and establishes Web Site: Jose4NH.Org

NEWS 4/23/2018: Campaign sends "Press Releases" officialy announcing candidacy to the Concord Monitor and Union Leader news papers.

NEWS 6/6/2018: Candidate Cambrils signs up for State Rep. ballot at Loudon Town Hall with $2.00 Fee. The race is now officially ON!!!!

NEWS 6/28/2018: Candidate Cambrils signs and submits "Taxpayer Pledge" to the CNHT (Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers). Stating that I will oppose all efforts to impose a Sales, Income, or any other broad based taxes in NH.

NEWS: 8/4/2018: Jose' E. Cambrils is featured as a State Rep. Candidate, with his Bio appearing on GRANITEGROK.COM. The is New Hampshire's most popular Conservative Blog and News site.

NEWS 9/6/2018: Candidate Cambrils is officially endorsed by the Conservative "Grass-Roots" organization, NH 603 Alliance.

NEWS 9/11/2018: Candidate Cambrils receives 304 votes in Loudon and 106 votes in Canterbury for a total of 410 votes, and moves on to the General Election on November 6 as one of the two Republican candidates.

NEWS 10/1/2018: Candidate Cambrils receives endorsement and an "AQ" rating from the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund.

NEWS 10/28/2018: Candidate Cambrils receives endorsement and an "A" rating from New Hampshire Firearms Coalition.

NEWS 11/6/2018: Thanks to every one that voted for me. I received 1,127 votes in Loudon, and 442 votes in Canterbury. I beat Saunderson by 47 votes in Loudon, and only lost to 3 time incumbent Howard Moffett by 6 votes. I will be back in 2020 God willing.

NEWS 10/31/2019: Met with NH Governor Chris Sununu to get support in 2020 campaign.

NEWS 11/1/2019: Attended Military Night Dinner at Gilmanton Winery with U.S. Senate Candidate retired Brigadier General Don Bolduc.

NEWS 12/15/2019: Political Ad / Flyer to be distributed to all Loudon, NH households for my 2020 campaign, in conjunction with State Senator Reagan.

NEWS 1/25/2020: Candidate Cambrils attends 2020 Annual NH GOP Meeting in Meredith, NH.